This is an online diary created to chronicle Cara’s transformative journey into health. It is a place to log successes and to be honest about failures. The hope is to create a supportive community that will encourage and inspire through her and others’ stories of transformation. There’s also a section for helpful tips, recipes, and exercises if you’re looking for fresh ideas to give you a boost.

Thanks for joining in the exploration of what it means to be healthy and for sharing the experiences of this quest!



Cara Hart is currently employed as a Family Support Worker near Winnipeg, Manitoba, but her life’s work is to search out truth and to discover beauty. She is guided by music, literature, film, friends, nature, travel, and colour. Cara likes to paint, loves to read, lives to write, and needs to question and learn. She believes that our time on this spinning sphere is about celebrating everything that occupies the minutes that we wish we could stretch on and on.

Cara has a BA Special in History/PoliSci/English and a BA in Education. She has lived in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom (Scotland), and Greece. Several of her poems and articles have been published in anthologies by her alma maters as well as online. She parents a seventeen year old cat, and fosters two others. This is her first blog (attempt).


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